Paratha Toastie

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Paratha Toastie

Cyn in Koken
Upgrade your toastie game with this flavour-packed paratha toastie. Recipe by Cyn in Koken.
Ultimate extras: Mix leftover stamppot with a spoon of curry bomb and add it to the filling with cheese.
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course lunch


  • 1 packet Paratha frozen
  • 1 spoon Curry Bomb per toastie
  • sliced cheese well melting - gouda works well


  • Heat paratha over medium heat, flip then add cheese and optional extra curry bomb.
  • Add another paratha on top, when bottom of first one is crispy flip.
  • Cook until hot, cheese is melted and paratha is well cooked.
  • Drizzle with Curry Bomb


Note: One of my favourite ways to use leftover boerenkool stamppot is to make it into a Curry Bomb toastie, and using paratha makes it next level good! 
Recipe by Cyn in Koken
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