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  • Yum Phrik


    Thai-inspired chili oil, with an aromatic blend of thai chili, makrut lime leaves, roasted rice, ginger and lemongrass.

    Inspired by the flavours of laab, yum phrik makes the perfect sauce for a salad, rice bowl, or mixed through rice or noodles. Try mixing a spoon through (vegan) yoghurt for a simple flavour packed dip.

  • Curry Bomb


    Spiced oil with crispy curry leaves. Liven up a stamppot, scatter over a traybake, or mix through a mayonnaise, the possibilities are endless.

    I love to make a simple soup, lentil or pumpkin is perfect, then add a spoon of curry bomb at the table. Perfection.

  • Ciao Bella


    Italian-inspired chili oil with crispy sage and garlic.

    The easiest, laziest, most delicious dinner?

    Boil pasta, add broccoli for last 2 minutes. Drain and stir through ciao bella.

    Buon appetito!

  • Funky Vegan


    Malaysian style sambal perfect for Nasi Lemak, funky fermented shrimp flavour but totally vegan.


  • Crunchy Spice


    Chinese style chili crisp with sesame seeds.

    Use the oil to fry your eggs, then top with the crunch.

    Spoon over noodles with a splash of black vinegar.

    Add a dollop to spice up your stirfry.

  • Gift Box


    The perfect gift for the food lover in your life, choose two chili-based condiments inspired by different cuisines.