Crispy Chilli Oils

Inspired by global Cuisines
Handmade - all natural
vegan - no additives


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A bowl of noodles has transported me to Thailand!
WOW!! This tastes so good! I’m hooked at once. The taste, the texture, the crunch, love it!! We will see each other much more often
This should come with a warning label - it's addictive! I’ve tried so many crispy chilli oils and was obsessed with Lao gan ma until they changed the recipe. Crunchy Spice is my new favourite.
I like to meal prep with dal and soups, curry bomb means I can make them for the whole family then spice mine up at the table. A lifesaver! Those crispy curry leaves are so pretty too.
Ideaal voor een snelle, smaakvolle pastamaaltijd. Wie heeft er immers tijd om je saus eindeloos te laten pruttelen? En ook als je daar wel de tijd voor hebt kan een goede schep Ciao Bella geen kwaad 😉
Trouble and Spice Nicole McMahon Founder
Nicole McMahon - Founder

As a chef and a mum, I’m the proud creator of Trouble & Spice.

My range of crispy chilli oils help you create delicious meals fast. Win back more time to enjoy together instead of in the kitchen. They are perfect for family meals when the adults want more spice and the kids are less adventurous.

It’s time to spice up your life with Trouble & Spice!

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