About Us

Who is Real Good Food?

Food memories stay with us like the street food of Malaysia, the tempting scents of India, to the mouthwatering wafts of garlic and tomatoes in Italy. Meals unlock memories, spark conversations and bring us closer together.

 Nicole has travelled the world for 20 years, living across five continents and learning new flavours along the way. Living in Schiedam she missed some of the punchier flavours from her time in Asia and Africa and memories of her childhood in Australia. Flavour bomb condiments were the answer to creating family meals everyone could enjoy; for a Dutch husband that craves boerenkool or a broodje kaas and a two year old that is still exploring new flavours. Nicole had a simple answer with condiments created from her food memories with local ingredients to adjust meals to each taste. 

 Ciao Bella to make the simplest pasta a memorable meal with its crispy sage and garlic. Homely boerenkool becomes warmer and a little mysterious with Curry Bomb mixed through. Crunchy Spice adds crispies, chilies and a delicious aroma to rice, noodles or a cucumber salad. 

 Make your meals a memory instead of a chore with Real Good Food.


Why Real Good Food?

Real Ingredients for Real Good Food. 

We are what we eat, so how can the food be good when it’s made from factory farmed animals.

I believe in using the best available ingredients; local fruits and vegetables where possible, bio chicken and eggs, and flour from the mill at the end of the street.  

I love when food evokes memory – a taste memory  – transporting you back to a holiday, a family meal, a happy time. That is real good food.