About Us

Who is Real Good Food?


I’m Nicole, your chef and baker. I’ve lived on 5 continents and travelled 6, always trying new foods and attending cooking classes, so I bring this passion to my weekly menus, exploring different cuisines. 

In 2014 I was living in Kenya and missing a good Aussie brunch, so I started taking over restaurants on Sundays to offer a brunch menu. This lead to quitting my job, starting a company catering, consulting for safari lodges and eventually opening a cafe. The cafe explored a different cuisine each week which my customers enjoyed. 

I met a Dutchie and after a few years in Kenya we decided to make The Netherlands our home to start a family. We visited Schiedam one day when looking at houses, and I feel in love with the charm and friendliness of the city.

I previously managed the kitchen at a well known lunchroom in Delft, but wanted to spend more time with my daughter as she’s growing up. I can’t stay out of the kitchen for long, so I changed my Instagram from Nairobi to Schiedam and here I am baking and cooking for you! 

Why Real Good Food?

Real Ingredients for Real Good Food. 

We are what we eat, so how can the food be good when it’s made from factory farmed animals.

I believe in using the best available ingredients; local fruits and vegetables where possible, bio chicken and eggs, and flour from the mill at the end of the street.  

I love when food evokes memory – a taste memory  – transporting you back to a holiday, a family meal, a happy time. That is real good food.